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apricot & zam zam
Published by IMPRESS on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Forget Us Not...’ at the Hardware Gallery, London (September 1995). 2 Artist’s Books bound together within a gatefold sleeve as a response to the social, cultural and religious differences experienced during a visit to the neighbouring and historically linked countries of Armenia and Iran.
Edition of 250 with 16 full colour off-set litho reproductions plus a 4pp black & white insert, “I’m sure we’ve met somewhere before?”. Translations by Karen Babayan.
10 x14cm, ISBN 1 900243 00 8 Price: £8.00

With Karen Babayan:


Artists’ book published 1997 by the Wild Pansy Press on the occasion of the exhibition Kookoo at the Hardware Gallery, London (September 1997). ‘Recollections of a Glowing Plum’ or ‘Growing Pains’ - a humorous reflection on pregnancy and post-natal thoughts.
Edition of 50 with 7 original linoleum cut prints and letterpress text. Printed by Michael Caine and Chris Taylor at Atelier Cerisaie, Paris. 16 x 13.5cm, 24pp loose bound in a printed dust jacket.
Price: £30.00

With Graham Mort:

A Halifax Cider Jar
(Published by the Yorkshire Arts Circus)
Edition of 100, Letterpress with six relief etchings, hardback 22 x 14cm, 1987
ISBN 0 947780 30 0
price: £25.00