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Slow Revolution
Sean Kaye & Jenny West
ISBN: 978-1-900687-34-8
Price: £10

The book documents three projects: Mirror Mirror a series of paired drawings; Reflector a series of video works filmed at Jodrell Bank observatory and A Random Dispersal of Dust (Mutely Understood) a book work which inverts the Jorge Luis Borges short story The Library of Babel.

Slow Revolution contains three illustrated texts: Observing Time by William Rose; Registre by Dean Hughes and an extract from a conversation between Juan Cruz, Sean Kaye and Jenny West which took place at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds concerning the bookwork A Random Dispersal of Dust (Mutely Understood) also published by Wild Pansy Press.

A Random Dispersal of Dust (Mutely Understood)
Sean Kaye & Jenny West

Wild Pansy Press, Leeds, 2009 preface Juan Cruz, letterpress, printed dust jacket, soft cover, 20pp, ed 500

Sean Kaye and Jenny West have taken Andrew Hurley’s 1998 English translation of Jorge Luis Borges’ 1941 short story La Biblioteca de Babel (The Library of Babel) and attempted to write a version of its opposite, not an inversion of the story itself, more like a distorted mirror image of the whole text..’ Juan Cruz

A Random Dispersal of Dust (Mutely Understood) explores the formal relationships of balance, symmetry and reflection through a systematic process of transition and change. The library becomes a random dispersal of dust; letters are converted into molecules and hexagons into amorphous forms, the future becomes the past, he becomes she and geographical antipodes are located so as to determine objects, names and places within the text.

A Random Dispersal of Dust (Mutely Understood) priced at £12.00 plus £1.50 p&p (total £13.50)