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The Portable Reading Room was installed for the duration of The London Art Book Fair 2011 at the Whitechapel Gallery on the 23-25 September 2011.

The Portable Reading Room also hosted a number of events and projects over the weekend.

Friday 23rd, 2.30pm and 4.30pm: a dramatised reading of Aymee Smith’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover. This iconic text by D.H. Lawrence has been put through a course of foreign language translations and eventually back into English. This use of computer translation, where there is no space for human error or manipulation, calls into question the task of the translator: the computer translates word-for-word, and the resulting text, while perhaps a ‘pure’ translation, makes little sense. Actor and voice coach, Richard Hawley, tried to bring life and sense back into the work.

Richard Hawley reads Lady Chatterly's Lover from Wild Pansy Press on Vimeo

Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September, 3.00 pm, Crossing the Painted: Readings of new work from poets in a collaboration between Painted, Spoken magazine and the Crossing the Line live poetry series. For two events only, six poets read individually, prefaced and 'afterworded' by a rules-based group work. Although representing a vast range of poetry practice the poets all come from modernist traditions with art practice selfconsciousness: hear how their work diverges and overlaps, creating a unique live event. Vahni Capildeo, Giles Goodland, Jeff Hilson, Francesca Lisette, Richard Price and Simon Smith.

Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th, “Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?”: a new work by Tamarin Norwood was installed in the Portable Reading Room. Visitors were invited to contribute to a catalogue of popular reason, responding to questions drawn from the lyrics of popular songs.

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