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Edition of 14 and 2 artists’ proofs, digitally printed, full colour, hard bound and boxed, 28 x 22.5cm, 30pp, 2004

Tracing Echoes explores the legacies of the pioneering Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron - but while Museum archives throughout the world aim to preserve Cameron’s photographic legacy, Tracing Echoes proposes another possibility: a living genealogy, the descendants of the photographed women.
Edition of 1000, full colour, 30 x 22.5cm, 72pp, 2001, ISBN 1 900687 13 5

A 'detective story' searching for the identities of three onlookers who appear in an unpublished photograph of Marilyn Monroe taken in a costume shop in 1955, unearthed in the New York Public Libraries' archive in 1996.
Edition of 500 with 14 full colour and 14 black & white off-set litho illustrations with a semi-transparent, full colour printed dust jacket. Published in collaboration with Leeds City Art Gallery on the occasion of ‘The Fitting’ at Leeds City Art Gallery (19 September - 8 November 1998).
25.5 x 20.5cm, 32pp, 1998, ISBN 0 900746 65 3

Haunting Houses
Illustrated catalogue published by the Wild Pansy Press in conjunction with the exhibition by trace (Nicky Bird, Hsiang-chun Chen, Jo Morris, Lynn Turner) at Lotherton Hall, Leeds (4 June-14 July 1998). The artists interact with the environment of the museum manipulating the visitors’ understanding of the ‘displayed object/curated space’ through direct engagement with the collection.
Edition of 500 with 13 black & white and colour illustrations, 10 x 30cm, 10pp vertical concertina with silkscreened cover, ISBN 1 900687 06 2