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118pp, 200mm x 200mm, hardback, edition of 1000.
ISBN: 978-1-900687-26-3

A year ago, I started to make a piece of work as an exercise to overcome a creative block; I would attach handles to things - things I’d made or found... In the end the process of doing this developed its own momentum – and its own logic. The process was a mixture of heuristics, and psychic automatism but in three dimensions, orbiting round the device of attaching a handle. Were they “assisted readymades?”  A set of conceptual tools for reality testing? A search for a Freudian Lost Object? The illustration of a Design Algorithm at work?
This book is a catalogue of the objects accompanied by texts which develop the idea without in any way “explaining” it. This will include an introduction by Dr. Wayne Clements, a short fiction by S.W.Garnett, inspired by the collection and a comprehensive, if not always comprehensible, “index” which will generate unexpected connections between the Things and the Words.

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