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WORKBOOKS is a series of publications by individual artist teachers sharing ways of learning through making.

The first was Spatial Listening by Dr. Alex de Little, originally published in 2019 in partnership with the Royal Academy of Art on the occasion of their Confronting Boundaries project. The resulting book was designed to be a template for further collaborations. (http://www.alexdelittle.com/portfolio/spatial-listening-publication/)

The second of the series is INSTRUCTIONS FOR ART and takes verbal instructions as its starting point; this leads on from the Artists’ Writing & Publications Research Group’s 2019 Symposium RTFM: Artists’ Publications as Instructions, Scores and Manuals. The aim of this publication (and the series) is to gift a simple methodology to any teachers, artists, students or otherwise interested individuals so that they can use it, adapt it and expand it and gift it in turn.

As with “Spatial Listening “, the second of the WORKBOOK/BOOKWORKS series comes out of many hours of workshopping and testing with a wide range of participants – including under-graduate and post-graduate students, gallery visitors, school and community groups. Further publications in the series are planned which look variously at innovative forms of group conversation and approaches to painting and drawing. The WORKBOOK/BOOKWORKS series are printed in short runs so that work and commentary made by readers/users in response to them can be added into the publication in subsequent editions as well as into an on-line archive for each publication.

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